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Your home is where you spend much of your time. Why shouldn’t it be perfect?

From exteriors to interiors, from kitchen cabinets to bathroom cabinets… As a licensed contractor, I provide a high level of craftsmanship and expertise that will transform your home to an exceptional place to be, live and work.

I will help you make your space your own with a professional paint job. I specialize in small jobs and will help you choose the right color scheme and the right paint. But ultimately, the colors and quality of paint you choose are completely your decision.

Pricing is more reasonable than you might think, and you will get maximum value from your investment and my involvement.

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AZROC 349910


I’m a licensed contractor (ROC 349910) with well over 25 years of experience painting residential spaces. I’m easy to work with and would love the opportunity to help you make your home special. I’ll paint your home for a lot less than you might think. You’ll definitely get what you pay for.

Why Choose Bryce House?

  • Along with many other benefits, you get personal attention that the big painting companies just cannot offer. I’m there for you every step of the way.
  • An estimated 89% of all Phoenix painting contractors only offer single-coat painting jobs. I like to make sure my clients get 2 coats of paint as a default. It’s more durable and can give the life of the paint 10-15 years. Click here to read about my 2-Coat Philosophy.
  • I normally use top-of-the-line paints, but can use any paint you wish. Other painters may use really cheap paint that might not hold up.
  • I use an actual high-bond primer on all bare or sanded surfaces. Other painters might not provide this extra step since most exterior paint is self-priming. I think this step is critical in giving your project the highest durability possible.
  • I charge you my cost for all paint and materials… No markups. My paint costs are roughly 50% of retail for both Dunn-Edwards and Sherwin-Williams… and even costs less than what you would pay for Behr at Home Depot.
  • I offer a 2-year warranty on all painting workmanship, and a lifetime limited warranty on Sherwin-Williams paint.
  • When painting, I like to temporarily remove light fixtures, ceiling fans, door knobs, switch and outlet plates, flag mounts, cables, etc. as this gives more professional-looking lines.
  • I am crazy meticulous and have high attention to detail. I do not rush. I’m thorough.
  • I do not like to cut corners. Having your house painted is an investment that I take seriously and will do my best to give you the highest value possible.
Bryce Cannon Witcher,
Head Painter & Color Ambassador

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